Tauki Indoor Upright Exercise Bike Review

The Tauki Indoor Upright Exercise Bike is ideal for individuals who want to keep fit but are not able to go to the gym regularly.

Designed for intensive workouts, this simple yet powerful exercise bike will allow you to boost your health as well as achieve physical fitness right from the comfort of your home. The best part is that you only have to make a one-time purchase, unlike gym membership subscriptions that require renewal every month.

But what exactly makes this upright exercise bike great at helping you achieve optimum health and fitness? Well, read the following Tauki Indoor Upright Exercise Bike Review to find out.

Adjusts To Your Preference

The great thing about this Tauki exercise bike is that it can be adjusted to suit your needs during each workout session. Both the height of the seat and the handles of the exercise bike can be adjusted to suit your height or the posture you want to take up while exercising. And that's not all. The bike features a resistance knob that lets you adjust the resistance from light to heavy use. So, you can increase the resistance when you want to engage in an intensive workout or reduce it when you prefer a light workout.

Features a 29-Pound Flywheel

Featuring a 29-pound flywheel, the Tauki Indoor bike enables you to burn a substantial amount of calories per workout session while eliminating the risk of injuries. The flywheel provides a smooth ride with a consistent resistance that feels a lot like riding a bicycle uphill. This resistance will in turn help keep your muscles challenged throughout a workout session. Since the exercise bike remains stationary while in use, your leg joints and muscles are not exposed to the strain that comes with riding outdoors, explaining why the machine can provide a safe and effective workout.

Tauki Indoor Upright Exercise Bike Review - Beautifully designed and provides optimum riding comfort

Beautifully designed and provides optimum riding comfort

Remains Stable During Rides

With the Tauki indoor bike, you'll not have to worry about the machine wobbling, tipping, or moving as you exercise. The bike features a heavy-duty crank and steel frame that gives you all the stability you need to get the most out of your workouts. Aside from ensuring stability, this frame also helps to enhance the durability of the exercise bike.

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Hydrate Yourself As You Workout

When exercising with other indoor bikes, you must either wait until the end of your workout session or stop in the middle of a workout to go get a drink. That, however, is not the case with this Tauki indoor bike. This bike offers the added bonus of water bottle holder that's within easy reach. Therefore, you can have a few sips of your favorite sports drink whenever you want when using this exercise bike without interfering with your exercising.

Tauki Indoor Upright Exercise Bike Accessories

  • The Tauki exercise bike
  • Operating manual
Offers plenty of stability from its robust construction

Offers plenty of stability from its robust construction that's designed to last for years


The Tauki Indoor Upright Exercise Bike measures 49.6"L x 21.65"W x 48.03"H.


  • Requires very little assembling
  • Robust construction supports up to 297 pounds of weight
  • Intensity settings are easy to adjust
  • Unlike some exercise bikes, this Tauki bike doesn't operate noisily thanks to its smooth, quiet chain drive mechanism
  • Features a sturdy build and will provide you with years of effective workouts


  • With this bike, you must find a spot to place it in since it doesn't fold

Consumer Ratings

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Reviews for the Tauki upright bike have so far been quite little, but a few past purchasers who have left their opinions at sites such as Amazon have expressed satisfaction with their purchase. The bike appears to be sturdily constructed, easy to assemble, and great at its job. Taking the wonderful features of the Tauki exercise bike into account, this machine will more than likely garner more positive reviews in the near future.

Tauki Indoor Upright Exercise Bike Price

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This Tauki bike may not be the best exercise bike in the market, but it's fitted with all the important features that any serious indoor exercise bike should have. It enables you to monitor your workouts, has a nice and heavy flywheel that provides adequate resistance to keep you fit, and even gives you the freedom of adjusting the bike's set up for a more comfortable and effective workout.

​Thanks to the clever combination of features, the Tauki Indoor Upright Exercise Bike does a good job and even performs better than some models with a higher price range. So, if results are what you want, the Tauki Indoor Upright Exercise Bike makes an ideal option. With it, you can get and stay in shape without having to spend too much.

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