ProForm 550R Rower Review

Whether you're looking to have fun while exercising, add variety to your workouts, or simply want to keep your heart in good shape, adding rowing exercises to your fitness regimen is a good idea. Perfect for the young and old, rowing is a low-impact exercise that offers many health benefits. Furthermore, it's easy on the joints, delivers a full body workout, burns a lot of calories, boosts one's mood and best of all, enhances strength and increases cardiovascular function all at one go.

Since rowing machines have long been replaced by treadmills, elliptical machines, and stair climbers in most gyms, buying your own rower comes as the next best option if you want to add the rowing experience to your workout sessions. But finding a good quality rower machine at a reasonable price can be a little difficult and time consuming especially if you have no idea what are the top features to look out for.

So, to save you some time and headache, this article brings the ProForm 550R Rower to your attention. Great at its job, the ProForm 550R makes a good first rower machine. And in this ProForm 550R Rower review, I'll also be outlining all you need to know about this machine, right from its features and benefits down to the pros and cons you should expect.

Soft Ergonomic Handle and Seat

Set on offering users with the utmost comfort, the ProForm 550R features a soft touch ergonomic handle and a cushioned seat. In addition to its soft comfortable feel, the seat can also be adjusted to the perfect position, enabling you to workout in comfort.

Furthermore, the padded soft handle provides a comfortable workout experience, cuts down on fatigue, and prevents accidental slips that can lead to major mishaps.

ProForm 550R Rower Review - Comfortable ergonomic handle and seat for your comfort

Comfortable ergonomic handle and seat for your comfort

Pivoting Pedals with Adjustable Straps

The pivoting pedals of this ProForm 550R Rower comes with adjustable straps

The pivoting pedals of this ProForm 550R Rower comes with adjustable straps.

With the ProForm 550R Rower, you’ll be able to experience a comfortable and strain-free workout even if you have never used a rowing machine before.

This is thanks to the machine’s pivoting pedals that have adjustable straps. These footrests provide ample stability by holding your feet in place with a comfortable grip. Therefore, you’ll not have to struggle to maintain your balance while working out.

Large LCD Window

This rower features a large LCD window that enables you to monitor your training progress at a glance. This LCD window displays distance, time, number of strokes taken every minute, calories burned, and the total number of strokes taken during a workout.

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Space Saving Design

Are you worried that you lack enough space in your house for home gym equipment? Well, if that is the case, you'll be pleased to know that the ProForm 550R offers the perfect solution to your predicament. With this rower machine, you can have a full body workout without having to designate a large workout space to this equipment. The ProForm 550 is small and doesn't take up much space. Additionally, the rower machine allows you to fold it into a small compact size and store it away easily as soon as you're done with your workout.

Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel

Featuring an inertia-enhanced flywheel, the ProForm 550R provides you with plenty of resistance to give your muscles and heart a good workout regardless of your fitness level. Since the resistance can be adjusted, you'll also be able to continue using the rower as you get fitter.

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ProForm 550R Rower Package Details

  • 1 x ProForm 550R Rower
  • User manual
  • Warranty booklet
This rower offers plenty of resistance to work the core muscles.

This rower offers plenty of resistance to work the core muscles.


The assembled dimensions of the ProForm 550R Rower are 25.5"L x 22"W x 84.75"H, while its boxed dimensions are 47" x 25.8" x 22.6".


  • Strong construction accommodates up to 250 pounds
  • Comes with a 5-year frame warranty and a 90-day parts and labor warranty
  • Features transport wheels that make moving the machine out of the way easy and fast
  • Operates quietly
  • Made of durable and lightweight steel material


  • The machine is a little costly

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The ProForm 550R Rower has managed to capture all the qualities of a great rowing machine excellently. It's safe, stable, comfortable, easy to use, and durable. For these reasons, it makes a valuable investment for anyone looking for an effective rowing machine.

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