Dahon Vitesse i7 Folding Bicycle Review

​Whether you're looking for a fold bike to use on camping trips, take for leisure/tour rides, commute with, or carry during your multi-mode travels, the Dahon Vitesse i7 20" 7 Speed Folding Bicycle would fit right into your cycling habits. From Dahon, one of the leading fold bike manufacturers, the Dahon Vitesse i7 is a high performance bike that can literally meet the needs of any rider out there. In addition to that, the bike is lightweight, portable, easy to handle and fold, durable, and delivers an exceptionally smooth riding experience in any weather.

Features a Lightweight Yet Sturdy Build

Weighing just 26 pounds, the Dahon Vitesse i7 is incredibly light to carry around even over long distances. This lightweight design, however, doesn't interfere with the ride quality of the bike. This is because the bike's frame is made from strong aluminum material that provides the bike with enough strength to handle heavy weights and rough terrains. Therefore, vibrations or instability during rides is not a thing to worry about with this bike.

Can Handle a Variety of Road Conditions

Like most quality and high-end fold bikes, the Dahon Vitesse i7 is fitted with multiple speeds that help ensure enough versatility to suit different riding conditions. The bike has 7 different speeds that allow riders to ascend and descend hills with little difficulty as well as achieve fast rides across flat ground. But that's not all! Dahon goes a step further in ensuring versatility with this 7-speed Vitesse i7 model and includes all-weather tires in the bike's design. These tires enable the bike to function exceptionally well in both dry and wet conditions. So, one huge plus of this bike is being able to ride it throughout the year.

Dahon Vitesse i7 7-Speed Folding Bicycle Review - Folds quickly and easily, offers 7 speeds, and allows you to enjoy your riding experience no matter what terrain you're on.

Folds quickly and easily, offers 7 speeds, and allows you to enjoy your riding experience no matter what terrain you're on.

Offers Quick and Easy Foldaway Action

Most bikes take anywhere between 15 to 30 seconds to fold down. These are actually fast fold times and can prove to be beneficial to riders. However, the Dahon Vitesse i7 folding bicycle is in a class of its own. The bike features Dahon's brilliant patented Forged Lattice Hinge with Vicegrip technology. Designed for the sole purpose of delivering a fast and effortless folding system, this hinge cuts down the bike's fold time to a mere 10 seconds. The few seconds saved can be a huge advantage for commuters or riders who are always in a hurry!

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Has a Flex Adjust System That Facilitates Rapid Adjustment of Riding Position

Any regular cyclist knows that different riding conditions require different riding positions to ensure safety and comfort. For instance, a slight hunch forward makes riding downhill more comfortable. Alternatively, an upright position is perfect for slow, leisurely rides. Therefore, an adjustability function of some sort is a good feature to have in any fold bike.

The Dahon Vitesse i7 not only allows you to adjust your riding position to suit your riding conditions, it also allows you to do so effortlessly. This is thanks to a Flex-Adjust system that allows you to easily shift your riding position while you're on the move. Regardless of the conditions you're cycling in or how fast you're cycling, you'll always be able to achieve a safe and comfortable riding position with the Dahon Vitesse i7.​

Dahon Vitesse i7 20" 7 Speed Folding Bicycle Package Details and Accessories

  • The Dahon Vitesse i7 fold bike
  • A bungee cord (ideal for securing items loaded onto the rack)
  • An air pump integrated into the seat post
  • User manual


The Dahon Vitesse i7 measures 54 x 9 x 27 inches and weighs 26 pounds (11.9 kg). The gross weight of the box itself (which includes the bike, fenders, pedals, etc.) weighs 34 pounds.


  • Features the DAHON Ergo Comfort Saddle
  • Folds easily and quickly
  • The bike's tires have a strong grip
  • Has a rust-resistant frame
  • Fitted with several great quality components including 20-inch aluminum rims, a Shimano Nexus Internal gear hub that requires no maintenance, Powerful Winzip 110mm V-brakes, aluminum forged handle post, and Hi-Ten Steel blades and steerer
  • The bike's brakes work exceptionally well
  • The bike is practically maintenance free
  • The bike's rack can hold a lot of items


  • Slightly pricey

Consumer Ratings

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The Dahon Vitesse i7 has proven to be quite popular among its users. Almost all of its past purchasers vouch for the bike's excellent performance with the only few complaints that include trivial issues such as the saddle needing to be tightened every 2 weeks or rides getting a little bumpy on really uneven roads. However, it's probably safe to say that this bike is a worthwhile buy as it appears to deliver on all its promises.

Dahon Vitesse i7 20" 7 Speed Folding Bicycle Price

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Dahon has once again managed to produce an outstanding folding bike with their Vitesse i7 model. Although slightly expensive, this bike is worth its price tag as it will not disappoint you regardless of your riding needs and habits. The bike's amazing features, sturdy build, and quality components appear to be able to withstand any riding use they're subjected to.

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