Dahon Briza D8 Folding Bike Review

​If you're looking for a great all-rounded folding bike that will match up to your needs, the Dahon Briza D8 24" Wheeled Folding Bike will not disappoint.

Everything about this bike from its design to its weight has been designed to offer users comfort, quality, and excellent performance. Sound like an ideal fit for you? Then read on to find out more about the bike.

Has An Upright Riding Position

Designed for city touring and casual rides, the Dahon Briza D8 has several features that make it perfect for leisurely rides. One of these features is an upright riding position that supports the body naturally and comfortably. This in turn results in less stress on the joints and muscles thus allowing you to ride for more hours without becoming fatigued. Therefore, one advantage of this bike is being able to take long rides as often as you desire without having to worry about fatigue or exposing your body joints and muscles to undue strain.

Offers 8 Different Speeds

Another great city touring feature of the Dahon Briza D8 folding bike is its 8-speed gearbox. The gearbox provides the bike with enough power to easily tackle small to medium size hills and speed through straightways/paths and all sorts of roads. As a result, you'll be able to enjoy the benefit of cycling at your own pace.

For instance, when going on casual/tour rides, you can set a low speed that allows you to take in the scenery as you ride. Alternatively, you can select the highest speed when grocery shopping or running chores so as to complete your errands in the shortest possible time. This 8-speed feature also helps to take away some of the strain of riding thus allowing you to enjoy safer rides.​

Dahon Briza D8 24

The Dahon Briza D8 is not only functional, it looks really sleek too!

Fitted With 24-Inch Wheels

Whether you're going to use your fold bike for short or long rides, large wheels are always a great feature to go for. This is because unlike their smaller counterparts, large bike wheels give a softer ride that reduces ride strain and maintains a good level of comfort. At 24 inches, the wheels of the Dahon Briza D8 fall into the high end of the spectrum of wheel sizes. This bike therefore provides a super smooth ride that feels like you're riding a traditional bike.

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Features The No-Lift Folding Technology

With large wheels often comes a huge, bulky frame. This is the reason why large wheeled folding bikes tend to have the disadvantage of long folding times. The Dahon Briza D8 24" wheeled bike is no ordinary fold bike. It features a unique no-lift technology that allows you to quickly and easily fold the bike without even lifting it off the ground.

Dahon Briza D8 24" Wheeled Folding Bike Package Details

  • 1 x Dahon Briza D8 bike
  • User manual
Dahon Briza D8 Review - How the Dahon Briza D8 bike looks like when folded.

How the Dahon Briza D8 bike looks like when folded.


The Dahon Briza D8 Folding Bike measures 35.43 x 32.28 x 14. 57 inches.


  • The bike can be rolled along its wheels when folded
  • Has a low step-through frame
  • Rear rack and fenders are included on the bike
  • Can easily accommodate riders with a height range of 5'3" to 6'6"
  • Provides one of the best fold-bike riding experiences thanks to a combination of large wheels and upright riding position
  • Can easily handle over 200 pounds of user weight
  • Comes with a convenient stand that allows you to park anywhere as well as load items onto the bike rack with ease


  • Price falls on the high-end

Consumer Ratings

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With the bike's step-through frame, ease of folding, and reliable speed being some of the most loved features, the Dahon Briza D8 folding bike appears to be a winner with past purchasers. So, if you want a folding bike with proven performance, this Dahon Briza D8 model is the way to go.

Dahon Briza D8 Folding Bike Price

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Although the Dahon Briza D8 24" Wheeled Folding Bike is a bit more expensive for someone shopping on a budget, it's still a worthwhile investment. The bike is easy to handle, allows different riding speeds, provides one of the most comfortable riding experiences, can be adjusted to fit riders of almost any size, and can be used for both tours and errands. What's more, the bike features a step-through frame, which offers another set of advantages. Therefore, if you're fold bike hunting, this 24-inch folding bike would made a great buy as it has everything you need to start cycling in the city.

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